FS: Summit (Crime Scene), Chupacabra, Chief

At the moment I am only looking to sell to free up some funds to support another hobby.

Please don’t ask me to trade, I’m not looking to do so at the moment.

[b]The only trades I might consider are a Gnarwhal 2, a Wooly Marmot 2, or a Raspberry Pi…[\b]

I accept Paypal, and other forms of payment if cleared with me first.

Also, if you send me a message and don’t hear back from me within a day or so, please feel free to send another message as sometimes I seem to accidentally miss messages especially when I get a bunch of them all at once. I try my best to respond to all messages, but am a pretty busy person.

For Sale/Trade:

CLYW/One Drop Summit (Crime Scene): $85

MIB, Smooth.

CLYW Bonfire (Gold): Sold

Basically MIB, I can only find 1 little light surface blemish which I captured to the best of my ability in picture 2, but it’s really hard to find even when shining a bright light on it. Besides that, it plays smooth like most all newer CLYW’s do. I really love this one in particular, it was from the first run and the only one I held onto until now.

RAYOYOS Chupacabra (Delirium Dive): $65

MIB, Smooth.

CLYW Arctic Circle (Ninja Hurdles): SOLD

Smooth. I consider it MIB, but the person I got it from said there was a tiny pin head size mark which I can’t seem to find anywhere. Includes Box.

CLYW 65g Chief (Black/Pink Sparkle): $80

The Smoothest CLYW I have. Plays amazing, but does have a few tiny flaws which I did my best to show in the gaggle of pictures. No Box.

Side Effects: $5 each + shipping, buy 3 or more or add to a yoyo purchase and shipping is free

Alum. Spikes
Brass Ultralights
Alum. Ultralights
Grey Domes
Silver Eternal Throw Mini-discs
Black Eternal Throw Mini-discs
Red Spikes

*** I also have a gaggle of extra bearings:
8-Ball Center Track
CTX 10-ball
Twisted Trifecta

Misc. Randomness:

I also found a couple graphing calculators laying around so if anybody is interested, let me know. I have 2 calculators with CAS that I use daily, and used the 2 for sale through my Calculus series until I could use CAS. I’d really like to get them out of my hair, so please feel free to make me an offer (Trade or Cash).

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition - Great shape, practically new, used less than 2 quarters.

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire Touchpad - Great shape, practically new, Includes extra interchangeable TI-84 keypad, Full keyboard on Nspire keypad.

If interested, please shoot me a pm with info on what you want and what you have, please. If, by chance you haven’t heard from me within a full day, feel free to send another message because I sometimes space checking my messages when I get really busy. Thanks.

Update, throws added, Level 6 trade fell through.

Added prices on a few that I’d like to get rid of.

That is a crazy good deal on the shutter. What’s shipping prices like?

Added randomness (graphing calculators)

Added Newbie Donation, deleted traded and sold throws.

Update with new throws

dropped a couple prices and added wants

Added some new stuff for trade.

Updated wants and traded throws

New stuff posted

New stuff posted.

Bump, added 3DS and sold M-10

BUMP, added ctx bearings, traded Marmot 2

New stuff for sale

Removed Sold and added a few more throws

Sold Gnarwhal, lowered prices a little.

It’s been awhile

Took $5 off asking price of each throw and added pricing to side effects. Also, due to a continuous gaggle of trade offers, added a second line stating that I am not interested in trading, this time bold.