FS: Stuffsies :: LF Cash, YYR, Reverb pair, 3rd run Ava*

Alrighty, I’ve moved my BST over to YYE for the first time in a long time.  I figured I’d see what an active forum can do for me.  Anyways, this is my post worlds/collection sale; so things are priced to ship priority with delivery confirmation; all prices should be interpreted with an OBO mentality.

I’ll respond to all PMs, so please don’t post in this thread.  If you don’t want to wait for me to get online, shoot me a text (no calls, guys) at (910) 393-8808; or an email at stewie410@me.com; everything pops up on my iPhone, so I’ll get back to you as fast as I can either way.

All my feedback is on yyn: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29459722@N07/7983148792/in/photostream  I’ll keep a screen cap of every update in the event said website goes down.

Sleipnir, Stardust, Inspire, Bape2, and FHC are all gone.

LE PICS: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29459722@N07/collections/72157630549460020/

YYJ Unleashed $10 - currently loaned to a friend-

Yellow, regular version, mip and only played for about an hour.  I bought a pair at Worlds, but my worlds edition got snatched; no use for me now.

YoyoJam X-Con Pro $40

White, no caps (well, they have big ugly pressure holes in them, so…), darn great.  Blew me away when I first threw it.

Square Wheels Yoyo Company Royale $65

Gulf Coast (blue/black “wiped”) colorway, Comes with pouch, note, and Terrapin bearing (if I can find the bugger).  Slight vibe (can probably be tuned, actually), Mega awesome player.

Werrd Irony JP Keeping unless YYR Trade

MIP, Yellow, worthy of a YYR Stamp of approval.  My favorite metal I bought at worlds.  Don’t talk to me about trades unless its a mip YYR.  Really.  It is really that good.

Anti-Yo Viszilla Keeping unless a BPZL or equivalent comes along

MIP as far as I’m concerned, comes with raw and red SEs and the Crucial V2 Bearing.  Smooth, awesome, 'nuff said.  I’d adore to trade this and the Viszilla for a mint hardcoat BPZL!

Black Hardcoat BPZL
Reverb Pair
Mr. Butcher
Clash 2012
Stardust v1/v2/2
Stargazer v2
E=mc2 +2
Dreadnought/G – blasted only
Third Run Ava – Northern Lights/Gold ONLY
Bapezilla (original)
Sili Recessed Fluchs
Irony JP
B-Grades work for me, too!

Man I want the wedgie and the ministar…

4XL is Pending shipment, not taking any more offers on it, sorry.

and the 4XL is no longer pending…

gosh durn kids.

EDIT: No Jive is pending, apparently.

alright so…with my new shipping deal i can do international! and i had, until now, been unable to get delivery confirm…well i can get all these fun things now. so…yeah :slight_smile:

also, No Jive is sold and shipping today.

Cheers guys.

Bump, prices slashes by ~ $10 each, and added my “Top 5 Players”…read the thread for more info.

also, the 4XL, Milk, and Wedgie are currently pending.

ill buy Ducan FHZ Clear mint. is it $10 with shiping???

lets see, added my whole collection up…theres only about 4 or 5 left that im really looking to get rid of…the others are there to see what offers i can get on them…which, if i get something that really peaks my interest, i’ll jump on it. so…yeah. this is also a general bump…oh and the ministar is pending for a P22…so yeah…

lets see, the Magnum is pending shipment, the Ministar shipped today, and the Luchy is pending for the trade to arrive here.

also, generic bump for crying yourself to sleep, yo.

The uhh…uhhh…wedgie and metal drifter are pending, also.

Lets see…got the Helix (getting it painted…) and a Rainbow Accent. Wedgie and metal drifter are gone.

Let’s see…Bape and Luchy are shipping tomorrow.


let’s see…
Supra is traded–for an X3 Steamroller
Shuriken is pending (awaiting arrival of throws)–for a NMIP blue 54 + Rim Polished (green/yellow acid wash) Yuuksta
Pearl 2.0 Falcon is pending shipment–for a 1-of-4 Hand Painted Timeless Planck
Bape was shipped out the other day–for a Tuned Eetsit + a SvZB BvM + C13
Helix–ANXIOUSLY waiting to get it back from Brett. If you want it, expect to literally claw it from my COLD, DEAD HANDS. or offer something that I literally can not deny (like a C22. Just sayin’ Wink )

so…Bump for what’s left…will add more as i get it.

bumpity bump bump.
forgot to put the falcon as traded…heh.

got a Yuuksta and 54 today!

Got a 1st run BvM and an Addiction 2!

Kind of want that inspire if it isn’t gone (i didn’t see it listed here) you take anything other than paypal? (don’t particularly like paypal but i can if need be)


Stardust and Sleip are pending shipment.

Bump. Stuffs gone.

I should probably bump this more often.