FS: SPYY, OD, YYF, CLYW. Price Drops!

Hey everyone thanks for looking. Prices include shipping and fees. Buy more than 1 and get a discount. I will accept paypal and venmo for payment and ship with tracking. International add $15. Message me for pics as I don’t feel like uploading them all.

SPYY: All of these spin smooth and like trucks. Any damage is cosmetic, minimal and doesn’t affect performance.

Ronin - black/blue, small flat-spot, few pinpricks, flat bearing. - $45

Punchline - green/blue, few pinpricks, scrapes, ano burn, groove bearing. - $30

Dynamo - orange/silver, couple pinpricks, flat bearing, with box. - $70

One Drop: These were my more well loved throws. Also have silver lego SE and red spike SE I’ll throw in one just let me know which you want.

54 - green/purple, few pinpricks, slight vibe, brass dome SE, wing bearing. - $40

Code 1 - silver/orange, pinpricks, scrapes, code 1 SE, flat bearing. - $40

Cascade - black/red/silver, scrape on one side, silver spike SE, wing bearing (needs cleaning). - $70

Yoyofactory: these are like new/mint

Equilateral - red, flat bearing, with box. - $40

Super G (USA made) - blue/pink, wing bearing. - $65

CLYW: these are in great condition, near mint, all with box

OG Puffin - solid gold, small scratch, wing bearing. - $105

OTHER: $5 each if you get them with another throw, or all for $20

Solid wood duncan butterfly anniversary with box. - $10

Adegle Asteroid - neon pink, like-new with box. - $10

Yomega Yo-Mods pro speed, good condtion. - $8

Kendama / Wood Skill Toys

PAW - ash tama 2013. Never strung. 1 of 3. Hand turned by Jake Wiens dad, with display stand - $60

Ticayo - red, with stand, like new - $35

small bilboquet - $10

Bilbostyle bilboquet - Good condition, walnut and cherry - $90

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