FS: some pretty rare VsNYYC (Day and Night Sky Walkers and SADR)

not looking for trouble. just finishing exiting. This throws are the last ones im parting with

no trades please. i might wait for offers on some of these as i know they never see the BST and want everyone to get a fair shot at them (especially the peak)

without wasting any more of your time

the VsNYYCs

SADR (looking to get at least 150$)

no longer need to hold onto it. dead smooth, but needs silicone in one side (binds fine without it)

Sister “Sky” Walkers (at least 300$ for the pair)

the pair was painted by Brett Grimes to resemble day and night skies. these are the only two officially painted Sky Walkers in VsNYYC history. the "night one has my name painted on one half as i never intended to part with it, but the pair is staying together. that means im not splitting them up. there are tons of pics of these online if you want better ones. the sun wasnt in my favor today

thats it boys and girls

based on my history, if you want the added protection and would like me to put the yoyo on eBay once a deal is reached i of course have no issue with that.

one last time, thanks for your time

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