FS: Some dang good yoyo's

Been a while since I sold on here. Maybe someone can vouch. I’m in USA and I’ll pay for shipping but keep it in the continental USA because I’m trying to keep it simple. When I say “NM” I mean that the yoyo is in mint condition (no cosmetic damage) but that I have played with it to atleast a small extent.

For Sale:

  • YYF Overclock - NM with box - $85
  • TP Hinemosu - NM with pouch, gunmetal rose - $150

Only willing to trade for:

  • Plasma Crash
  • Da Vinci
  • SUS Generator FD
  • ILYY Numen
  • CLYW Summit


Looking to only sell or open to trade

I’m kind of picky at this time as I’m trying to keep my collection very trim and specific but I would be open to trade for a Da Vinci, Plasma Crash, or SUS Generator FD.

Edit: Summit Sold.



Bump, prices updated.


Numen pending