FS Sea Foam Wooly Marmot 1 of a kind non-engraved (was Jensen Kimmitt's)


Caribou Lodge Wooly Marmot - Mint. I bought it from Jensen Kimmitt when he was still with CLYW. It’s the only unengraved Sea Foam Marmot, so that makes this 1 of a kind. $180 OBO


It came with this tiny blue dot that I guess is some kind of ano defect.



You wouldn’t possibly take an MVP and Punchline for it would you?


Oh, sorry for the very late reply. Sounds like a nice offer, but I’m only looking for cash offers. I’ll see and respond to offers much faster through PM.

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Jensen Kimmitt wouldnt appreciate being used to increase the price of this yoyo :frowning:


I think its still worth $180 since its a 1/1. The fact that it used to be owned by Jensen just makes it that much cooler.


My marmot was used by general patton and it can be yours for the low price of $300 there are dings from shrapnel hitting it while patton was doing white buddha during battle.

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