FS: Resonator, Assassin, Fern, Fallen Angel, Ti Vayder, Legendary Terrain Proto, Vow

Purging some of the collection. All yoyos are in great condition and as they were when purchased new by me (doesn’t mean there’s no light marks, just means they came that way), lightly played, and include original boxes and any original accessories. I have no idea on prices, so I’m just slapping numbers on these, some may be high, some low, no idea, I don’t really watch prices. Happy to haggle, especially if you buy multiples. Shipping in US included in price. Payment with Zelle or CashApp since I deleted my PayPal a while back. Any questions let me know. Thanks!

Anomaly Yoyos Resonator - Raw Blasted Ti - $200
Dressel Designs Assassin - Stainless Steel - $75
A-RT Fern/Furn - Brown - $150
Fallen Angel - Pink/Blue - $90
Fallen Angel - Purple/Black - $90
Ti Vayder - Grey Ti - $250
One Drop Legendary Terrain Proto - Teal - Only 20 made, weigh 1g less than production - $70
Few and Far Between The Vow - Stainless Steel - $150

Imgur album with a few more pictures


Awesome. I’d pick up a few but only have PayPal. GLWTS!