Fs/ft yoyos


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Draupnir: No damage. 9.5 out of 10 for smoothness. $140

B-grade Triple Point (proto): 2 pinpricks, “B-Grade: All of the yoyos in this run had small, yet unexpected dead-center bumps in the cup. The bumps came during last minute modifications to the cup, leading to a 0.8 mm thick wall directly in the center of the cup (wall thickness should have been at least 1.0 mm).”, $55 (for sale only)

Looking for:
Clyw Pickaxe?
Intergalactic hulk smash fade chief
Ti dream


Is this a first run?


Do you still have your Bob from like 5 years ago?


No idea what run it is. Bob? I dont recall that yoyo.


I only say that because of the shiny finish - I believe the only black Draups that weren’t matte were the first runs but I may be wrong. An easy way to tell this is if the ‘yoyorecreation’ engraving uses the old font or not (I didn’t want to assume that was the box the Draupnir came in).

‘Bob’ was the name given to Draupnirs with a wider gap. The first ‘Bob’ would technically be the gold ‘Attuned Draupnirs’ that I believe we’re second runs. After that, all Draupnirs had the wider gap but dropped the ‘Attuned’ from the engraving and switched to the new YYR font.

And heck yes I still have mine! I still remember that fateful day…