FS: Puffin 2, Soda Blasted Chief, BvM2, and more! PRICED TO SELL

Sup guys and gals. I’m moving so these yoyos are priced to sell. Best way to contact me is at RyanDMcDonnell@gmail.com, but feel free to PM too.

Puffin 2: Clareview Station, mint. $100 shipped.
Soda Blasted Chief: A few pinpricks and some raw marks. $70 shipped.
Overdrive (b-grade): GONE.
Solar: 4a marks. $45 shipped.
Go Big: 4a marks. $15 shipped, or $10 with another order.
Delrin Severe: Mint. $30 shipped.
Proton: Mint. $60 shipped.
HOT: Mint. $50 shipped.
CZM8: Mint. $50 shipped.

Have at it. These will ship immediately.


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