FS: (PRICES REDUCED!) YYJ, Duncan, SF, Memento, and other metals!

Hey there!

UPDATE: Prices reduced for all items! Make an offer! Trades considered!

I have a variety of metals for sale in addition to some random items available for FREE with purchase if requested! All items come with either a white regular Sochi or yellow regular Kitty string. I did my best to position the greatest area of damage (if any) in the photos, but if you’d like additional info, photos, or videos, I’m happy to provide :slight_smile:

Payment can be through PayPal or Venmo, and all prices already include continental US shipping (approximately $5 for First Class last I checked for small packages). Will adjust price of shipping if outside of the continental US.

Full group of metals:

Free-with-purchase items:

YoYoJam - Next Level: ($60) [Smooth = 8/10] Some light scuffs and scratches on the rims, along with a few pinpricks.

RecRev - “i”: ($50) [Smooth = 8/10] Minor scratches and flatspots.

Mike Monty - Memento: ($50) [Smooth = 10/10] Mint with box.

C3 YoYo Design - Imagine Breaker: ($15) [Smooth = 7/10] One line of scratches on one rim, one ding on the other. One flatspot on each rim.

YoYoJam - ProJam, Smile Train Ed.: (FREE w/ purchase) [Smooth = 6/10] A few scratches.

Spinner Top - Tin YoYo: (FREE w/ purchase) [Smooth = unknown lol] Mint IN bag…

Recess - First Base: (FREE w/ purchase) [Smooth = 2/10] Odd manufacturing defect in which some plastic remained over the bearing seat. I removed it, but something still seems off and the bearing appears to be closer to one side than the other. It spins and it binds. Maybe someone else knows how to fix it. Great for modders!

YYF - 2x Loop 720’s: (FREE w/ purchase) [Smooth = not great] These are the 2008 version with the “String-on-String” response system. Cracked hubs and generally scuffed up as seen in photo.

Paracord adjustable begleri: (FREE w/ purchase) Never got into begleri, so perhaps someone else can enjoy this!

Assorted hard plastic counterweights: (FREE w/ purchase) New to 5A or need some old school counterweights? Just ask for one of these! Only the white YYF button left!


Ehhh, here’s the stated policy…


Thank you! I don’t feel it is necessary in this instance since the rate varies based on whether the buyer is in the US or international, and I admit I am not thrilled at the idea of calculating 2.9% or 4.4% of each item to add to the total. If this is an issue, I am willing to make some changes. Thanks.

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Epic bump: Prices reduced for all items! Make an offer! Trades accepted!



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