FS: (price drop 9/23) DocPop PopArt, half-swap Bolt(xp)

Prices include shipping to the CONUS. Add Paypal G&S if you would like.

$35 BoltXP black/white halfswap.
No damage that i can find. Last time i played with the caps, they were a bit noisy. I liked it better a little bit lighter without the caps.

$40 PopArt purple dye + white rain drop CW
No damage that i can find, but i can’t quite get the response dialed in. It came to me with a concave bearing, i replaced it with a flat one. I was told that the gap can actually be adjusted by sliding the pom rims on the metal bearing seat.

[ sold ] $40 Parthenon no damage to metal, extremely smooth, sold as B grade possibly because of laser engraving inconsistencies.

$shipping Phoenix Pop String. I’ll throw in 1 pack for free per yoyo if you want, or I’ll calculate shipping to send it to you for free if you don’t want a yoyo. I’ve got one left.


Parthenon sold.
Battle bump.

Attack & Bump

Bump Abandon

You’re Bumping All Over Me

Bump from Birth

Bump Up Now

Bump Shall Pass

Bump by Bump

Bump Potion

Wym about sending the string and just paying. Shipping

If you just want the string, I’ll package it up and calculate stage shipping cost before you pay.

Everything All the Bump

Live bump

Portrait in Bump

The Photo Bump

Bump and Gold

Green Bump

Bump Factory