FS - One Drop, Turning Point, Chico Yo-yo Company, and Werrd


Hey everyone, I just have some yo-yo’s I’m looking to sell. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. Pics are on the Ebay pages. Thanks for looking!  :slight_smile:

  1. Chico Yo Yo Company Heavy Hitter - Used with one pin prick on a rim. Comes with the box. - $50

  2. Werrd Split Decision with Anti-Superstar Donuts - No damage to the yoyo and comes with the box. - $45

  3. One Drop Code 1 2011 World Yoyo Contest Edition - Has one pin prick on a rim and comes with box. - $40

  4. One Drop Code 1 2011 World Yoyo Contest Edition - No marks on the Yoyo and comes with box.

  1. One Drop Markmont Next - Has visible oxidation due to nickel coating and comes in box. - $45

  2. Turning Point Maxbet - One scratch along a rim and does not come with box. - $75

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