FS- One drop bundle, Albrejie

Couple things up for grabs…

One drop bundle, minty markmont p2 with brass ultralights, minty cerakote relic wizard (TRADED), and a hazmat with red ultra lights.

115$ shipped takes it, thats a steal for this.

Individually will let it go accordingly, 95$ (markmont p2), TRADED (wizard), 70$ (hazmat)

ZRGT- Albrejie with all parts, no sticker, some flat spots but plays fine, this is the oak version.

50$ shipped

trades I’m looking for

Mini banshee
Wide mini banshee
Ss banshee (al6, al7, or brass ring)
Respawn (no solids)
Ti triton
Ti emotion
Ss koi

Brassi don
El mijo (any version)

alt bastet
Fusion 1.0 or 2.0 brass
Copper dunk rebound
Nicky slappa

Ti, nickel, or ss throws welcome, also d bearing throws.

Side note: zrgt espresso, or ristretto or cool begleri are also on my list for trades


Some great deals here. Especially the Onedrop bundle. :fire:

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Bumpp, killer deal or obo!!

Hit me up you never know what might let it go!!

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