FS: Once A Week #5 - RCS Deluge

Hey all,
I thought I will join the big sells party :smile:. Once a week I will post something new.
Since I ship from Europa I have differnet possibilities between 15$ and 25$ with DHL (size, insurance, tracking etc). PayPal F&F or G&S (you cover fees).
Right now I do not really look for trades except a TopYo Neptune. I am also open to offers cash wise if you think the price is off.
Here my feedback

Week 5 - RCS Deluge 89$ (new with pouch)

Week 4 - Smashing Spectacle 89$ (new with box)

Week 3 - GWAY Saboteur (new with box)

Week 2 - TVader 209$ (with box and goodies, little scratch see picture)

Week 1 - ILYY Fury #1 1/15 99$ (with orginal pouch, one little pinprick see picture)


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