FS : Offset / Oh-yes-yo / Yoyo-factory / Vosun

Note: Previously known, notorious scammer here.
(KaneTheDrifter, Youssefmbz, AdrianYo, Zinoviy)

Downsizing my current collection, looking forward buying any G2 swirls as my first swirl, preferably glitches.
OFFSET Blue Mobius Mint with box ( AL 7076 with brass rings ) - 90$
Oh-Yes-Yo Paradigm Shift Half Swapped Mint no box - 120$
YoyoFactory Shutter yoyoexpert unengraved edition Mint but has a tiny vibe with box - 20$
Yoyofactory Replay black - blue - has vibe - 10$
Vosun Rogue Blue / Green / Silver Fade Mint with box - 25$

Shipping is at your cost, accepting PayPal as a payment method.

If shipping is at the customers cost, then do them a favour and add shipping into the prices.

I wouldn’t want to do that, shipping’s cost depends on the service, and how fast it is.

Pics please? I have no idea what color or condition any of these are in?

Proceed with extreme caution!!!