Selling some fun ones. Would also trade for an a-rt Grail. Just asking what I paid for them. PayPal F&F only. No notes in the note section. All are mint except the wyvern.

YYR Inevitable - Mint with box. $80 shipped

YYR Anomaly - Mint with box. This one is cool because it does not have have any branding on it like other anomaly colors do. $80 shipped

OD Wyvern - Cool cerakote dragon egg (I think) color. No box. Came with some marks on it that were so sharp I had to sand it down a bit with some 1500 grit paper to keep it from scratching me. Plays like a champ still. $35 shipped

OD Parlay - Mint but no box for this one. $90 shipped traded

OD / Static Co Sudo - Everyone knows what this one is. Mint with box. $150 shipped. traded

CLYW AC1 - Mint with box. $165 shipped. traded


Price drops! Would trade for an A-RT grail.

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