FS: OD, YYF, C3, Unspoken Bundle

These yoyos need new homes. They’ve been on the shelf for a couple months and I figure someone else could have some fun with them.
$50 shipped for the rest.
That’s $11.25 per yoyo plus $5 for shipping.
Left to right:
Row 1:
Unspoken Mistic: I can only find 2 flat spots.
Christmas Yoyo: Mint - I have no clue what this thing is but the color is beautiful.
C3 Radius Nexus: Some dings that break anno
Sold! YYF Edge 1.5: One ding that breaks anno
Sold! OD Deepstate: Pretty dinged up by previous owner
YYF MVP 3: Small ding that can barely be felt.

Additional Pictures upon request.

Looking For:

YoTricks Ethos: Black and gold color (This was the first yoyo I competed with and my stupid young self sold it)
Atmos Pomelo

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That’s known (locally on YYE) as “The Christmas YoYo”. I have one in the hulk smash copy ano. It’s quite a nice playing piece!


Awesome! I final have something to call it that doesn’t make it look like I’m hiding something.

Bump 3 + added LF

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Are you willing to sell them individually?

Yes I am! I would prefer to sell as a bundle but I am open to individual sales.

Bump, again again 4

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