FS: OD, Gen Yo, 3yo3 possibly FT LF Motion

Bump! Pickaxe is on its way to a new home and as a result, price drop for the lot!

New lower price, still includes a bonus yo-yo, what more could you want?!? A Rubik’s cube??? I’ll throw that in too if you want!!!


Still here. Still bumping!

Bump! Please and thank you.

PRICE DROP! Only $150 bucks for all you see here PLUS a plastic Mongu Freehand Next Gen! BUMP IT UP! Going to the post office today.

Bump! Price drop: edit: Fixed listing

Bump! Come get some throws guys. Happy to sell individually. All throws price dropped!

Bump! All new prices, added throws! I’ll be gone in a week so get them while they’re ice cold!

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Bump! Come get some!!! I’ll be out the 30th through the 7th so before I leave, stop by and grab a throw!

Bump it up! Price drop, dif is off the table for now.

BUMP. We revamped. Maybe this year I can convince you?

Bump! What do I gotta do? Start listing my babies? Because I might.

Really want that accelerated