FS: OD Format:C, CODE2, YYO RAVE, Nickel HOT, Chico Flyer

Pink OD Format:C (double sight line) $70 shipped – mint but sight lines could use polish; IRpad response with 10-ball bearing; smooth

Purple YYO Rave $80 shipped – mint; smooth; stock bearing, stock response

Black/pink/clear OD Code2 $57 shipped – NM: one set of pinpricks on outside rim, barely visible; smooth; 10-ball with IRpads

B grade Nickel YYF HOT $33 shipped – marks on the rim, traces of what feels like a drop of superglue in one spot; has noticeable vibe

Chico Flyer $20 shipped – marks all over

Yellow Anglam2
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Splash C3 Railgun
OD Top Deck

Group pic of all stuff for sale:

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