FS: Need these gone FAST

Only selling for PayPal
Taking offers, prices are negotiable (just ask!) ;D

THE THROWS (from left to right)

First Picture (metals)
Yomega Maverick: Small marks around edges. Doesn’t affect play. Great beginner throw!
KingYoStar Rapid: Gorgeous color! One tiny flatspot about 0.5mm across on the rim. Plays smooth, no vibe.
C3 Di Base: Played. Scuffs around rims, ask for individual pics. Still a great throw, plays fine.

Second Picture (old school)
“Brent Dellinger SpinMaster III” by YoYoJam. 2002 National Champion
Yomega Gamma Brain: Features the switch between automatic (clutch) and responsive. Great for beginners as well!

Third Picture (misc.)
Complete set of YoYoExpert Trading Cards and more
Ridley’s Classic Red Retro YoYo: Lights up.

Sweets and extras will be included generously.

I can always send specific pics. Just PM me.
Offer literally anything! :smiley: :smiley: PM me here on YoYoExpert.

I would prefer if someone bought the entire collection together. The more you buy, the better the deal will be. Insane value if buying everything :wink:

Cascade: Lovely colorway. 1/15. Only played over carpet. One hairline scratch. Plays dead smooth. Very very near mint. (I have box and foam cube) GONE
Benchmark O: Spike side effects, plays great. Minty mint. GONE
[s]YYF Hectic: Amazing YYF quality from the good ol’ days :D. Well loved, some scratches and scrapes along the rims. God among everyday carry undersized throws.