FS: Mirage ESD and SF BD (sold)

Looking for a couple things if you have them.
Og TP Positron
Something sure shot
Oxy IO
New TP superstar
Sense mono stage
Hydrangea Dahlia
Purple vigilancia
Purple Surveil
IlYY bias
W1LD Wilderness

Just selling some things. Not in much of a rush to sell things but thought I would post things.

Unknown sf yoyos bd no damage but it looks like a tiny spot was left unengraved on the eye in the first picture. $50 (pending)

JT Mirage ESD with no damage $50 (pending)

RSO Yweti B grade with new ano (has some scratches that can’t be felt) $200 (sold)



not sure if Un BD was right choice but this half reminds me of zelda games so i am glad

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