FS: Lots of Oldie-but-goodies(YYF,CLYW, OD, Gen yo, VsNYYC, more)


I really don’t throw much anymore. I’m not really willing to trade. And I won’t ship any orders under $50. Feel free to mix and match (and haggle) as you see fit. The more you buy, the better deal you will get. This collection pic doesn’t include many plastics. I will throw those in as a bonus(I have quite a few…)

Most yoyo’s are unblemished but played. The ones that are not will be annotated as such and/or I will go into details via PM. Shipping will be free on all orders above $50, but 1st class to reduce my costs and whatnot. Any purchases over $100 will get priority shipping, tracking, and insurance.

Here’s what I have(L->R, T->B)

Top row, All YYF:

Very rare all red 07 888 (couple nicks, smooth)
beater b-grade 07 888(one half b grade cherry bomb, other half is A-grade aqua…)
rim sanded 65g skyline
401SD (extra shuttle set can be included)
Avant Garde 2
hubstack genesis
Hubstacked catalyst
YYF Role Model

2nd Row:
CLYW Puffin (Yoga flame)
CLYW Avalanche(grey/purple splash, dunno the name)
CLYW Chief (Confetti)
CLYW Arctic Circle (Blizzard)
OD Benchmark Nickel “O” shape (both benchmarks are 1st gen)
OD Benchmark H
OD Rally(clear, black rings)
OD Cascade YYE edition
OD Dietz (little beat up, still smooth)
OD Chik (5a throw, still smooth)

3rd Row
Gen Yo Hattrick, black
Spin Dynamics Flow (Nickel)
YYJ Theory
C3 Halo
Vs NYYC OG Skywalker (couple dings,still smooth as the day I got it)
c3 Token
C3 Darkstar
ILYY Rocket(candyblasted)
Werrd Hour
Werrd Pacquiao

Duncan Mayhem

(system) #2