FS: kendama related

Hello everyone, thanks for checking out my thread.

I accept Paypal only.
Buyer pays fees.
All prices are shipped.
No prices are set in stone, but don’t low ball.
Not accepting trades right now, unless its an offer I can’t refuse! (clyw,od,spyy,c3)

I’m adding some things from my Kendama collection as well! These are all in great condition just don’t play with them often.

Plain colored ticayo. A German skill toy where you catch the egg-shape ball on the top and bottom spikes. Bought from retailer in France. Like new with box!

Tortoise type-8 Kendama shown on the left next to a regular sized one. Bought from a retailer in japan. Brand new!

Thanks for looking!

Give u 20 4 the dv888

Added fools gold avalanche

Added space blizzard cliff!