fs: HUGE SALE!! wedgie, new breed, xconvict


Orange new breed $25
black xconvict $25
prepro raw wedgie $50

orange new breed has no visible marks and plays amazing
wedgie has a few light scratches but no real damage
xconvict has one scratch in it but it does not affect play

all are for sale. let me know if you are interested.

$90 takes all three.


Just a suggestion: you might want to put in the title that you are selling them.


what do you want for the new breed and will you ship to canada?


How much for just the new breed.

(Justin the JeeJaw) #7

trade wedgie for gold mint blazer??


no thanks, not really what I am looking for


new breed for my k-padded speed dial?


wats the lowest you will go for the new breed and xconvict


new breed and x con sold all thats left is the wedgie

(system) #12