FS GREEN MINI MOTU + Senza Nome + pile of extras! $55 shipped

Will Sell Senza Nome + Mini Motu + 2 sets Barking spider pads + 3 drilled blue dice 1 black yomega fireball + 5 chaos 422 strings and 3 Gstring PX strings for $55 Will be shipped Tomorrow Morning.
Tack on the X-Convict Synergy Caps for $5 more
Tack on a used dvd copy of Yo-Yo Girl Cop for $5 more

1 set X-Convict Synergy Caps $8 shipped First class. (pics later today)

Kyo Senza Nome - $33 shipped
no bearing. please disregard bearing in pic.
Smooth player. Hate to see it go, but I need the cash.
Has scuffs, but nothing that effects play. # 092 Used to belong to Jayyo.
comes with Dif Pad.
Other pad was taken out, but will send a pack of Barking Spider Gummies pads with it.
Also a free drilled die for 5a


YYJ Mini Motu w/ box $23 shipped - Paypal only please
Has been a great player, but hasn’t seen the outside of my case in way too long.
One of the O-rings has been shaved a little, but was like that when I got it.
Bearing is old and pretty worn. has been cleaned and de-shielded, will ship with shields regardless, but can put them back on if you like.
The metal rims have been coated with acrylic because I am allergic to nickle. Doesn’t effect play and can be removed with acetone. Nearly all of the scuffing visible in the pics is still in the acrylic layer and hasn’t damaged the metal. the exception being the spot all the way to the right on the 1st pic. think it might have caught the metal a bit.


Another price drop. Synergy Caps added.

Senza Nome Added. Package deal added.
Must go!go!go!

Sale still on?