FS: Genesis, Protostar, Starlite, plastics, ipod, and MORE LF:Clear Die, 10balls



Here are some pictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/54303737@N02/sets/72157625720693018/

I have a samsung blue camera. Comes with a memory disk, case, and cord. It’s a great camera for learning how to take pictures. It has 8.1 megapixels. I’ll sell this for $40 + Shipping

Okay, next i have a yellow minute. It plays great. Has a few scuffs, I really don’t want to see this go. $50 + Shipping GONE

I have a purple and blue acid wash genesis. Nice, kinda beat, plays good. I’m looking for like$45 shipped

I have a starlite. Great plastic. Plays very smooth, nice yoyo. I’m going to say $16 + shipping

I have a black ipod nano 3rd generation, it’s nice, comes with box, cable to the computer and case. Really nice, pics coming soon. I can only sell this. $70 + Shipping

I have a grey protostar. One of the smoothest protostar’s I’ve every played. Great player, has some scuffs. $21 + Shipping

I have a bunch of tech decks. I have like 30 of them with trucks and wheels, and then a lot without trucks, a million wheels, trucks, bearings, stuff like that. I have a rail, more rails, and a ton of ramps. I have a ton of stuff which is probably about a 100 dollar value. I will put the price of $50 + Tech deck shipping which is going to be like $20

I have a yellow Velocity that is smooth, has a few plastic marks. Great, translucent yellow. $14 SHIPPED

I have a very nice Painted and Sili Recessed FHZ. Smoothest FHZ I’ve by far played, I really can’t let this one go, but I have to pay for an $868 window… $25 SHIPPED

Ti walker
OG Project
10 balls
Clear die ( I can only trade for this)

Please note that shipping is $6 and I can’t except paypal so money orders are key.