FS: G2s / YYR / TiSS

Happy Halloween! A few shiny models for sale. No damage on any of them. A couple of them are even brand new! The Spyderco little Persian2 and big Lum are just for the picture, but they are available for sale too! I pack well, ship fast and don’t disappear after the sale

First row:

  • G2 Covenant, full of fire and Brand New - $105
  • Something Anglam CC (purple), many consider it the best Anglam - (SOLD)
  • Something Slasher (pink) - (SOLD)
  • YYR Dazzler - $499

Second row:

  • G2 Covenant - (SOLD)
  • G2 Reaper - (SOLD)
  • G2 BansheeSS in AL7 and Brand New - un-released AL7 version - (SOLD)
  • Jordan Blofeld’s TiSS Tosser - $350






Update - a bunch of these sold over the week-end. Still available: Fiery Covenant, YYR Dazzler, TiSS Tosser.

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