FS G2, YYWS, OD, 2Sick


My wife and I started going through some things and found a drawer overflowing with yo-yos. I have many duplicates and these are just sitting around, so I’ll post them for sale. I’ll post some prices up tomorrow but all offers are welcome. More detailed pictures are available upon request.

SOLD A-RT Sparrow with engraving (mint)
SOLD A-RT 420 in terra-cotta color (mint)
SOLD Throwcafe Cappuccino one tiny ding
SOLD SF Cadence deep purple (brand new just opened)
SOLD G2 Wolf in unicorn galaxy (mint)

SOLD YYWS Halyard 2.0 von boom (brand new)
SOLD YYWS Halyard 2.0 red (mint)
SOLD YYWS Cthulhu von boom (brand new)
SOLD YYWS armament reloaded von boom (brand new in tube)
$70 YYWS armament reloaded bifrost fade (mint)

SOLD CLYW Puffin looks to be the original puffin based on profile shape, not 2.0 (mint)
SOLD G2 Pelican first blood swirl (brand new)
$110 G2 Pelican seafoam green (brand new)
SOLD One Drop Format C blue (brand new)

SOLD One Drop MMC Black (brand new)
SOLD One Drop MMC clear (brand new)
SOLD One Drop Eclipse clear (brand new)

SOLD 2Sick Decoy purple berry
SOLD 2Sick Pawn clear



Prices posted. Still working on the G2 Pelican pricing.



Holy cow if this is what you found in a random forgotten drawer in your house… you must have mannnnny yo-yos :wink:



Well it’s not a forgotten drawer. It was where I just accumulated stuff and some of that stuff I recently bought. We started cleaning that bedroom where this stuff just happened to be there and this drawer was bursting at the seams.

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Updated list. Many sold, but still have some YYWS including some von boom colorways for sale.



So in other words, wife opens drawer and goes, “oh my god, sell some of these damn yoyos, you have way too many already!”

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Aren’t solid color Markmont classics only like $95 brand new?

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Yes but nobody has clear or black for sale and those I don’t mind keeping. Also I have to pay to ship and insure them as well. So if someone wants a brand new one I have two sitting in a drawer.

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Pelican and Armament Reloaded left.


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