FS: G2, YYR, StaticCo, MK1,RCS , Good Life

This is for our European fellows, setting of some throws. Many not seen that often on our side of the Pond.
Condition is NMTBS unless stated otherwise.
Incredible good Package Deal for all those beauties is 580€ with shipping on me in Germany.
We split shipping in europe.
International Shipping (Non Europe) upon Request

StaticCo SGNL $OLD

Raincity Skills Ducc V2 35€ (Comes with Ducc Pouch!)

MK1 x Opyoyo Converge 80€ B-Grade for small Pinprik on the Rims. Very hard to catch on a photo can try on request.

Good Life DGTZR 85€ with Box

Yoyofriends Raytracer 50€ (with Box)

Rebellion Acro 25€

G2 Respawn Splash 60€

Yoyofriends Sunbird has a surface Scratch which removed ano still smooth! 35€

Mike Monty Mori Blue Green Halfswap Sold as B-Grade because of slight ano smudges.
35€ (with Box) PENDING

Retic Puffadder 40€ (with Box and Bag)

YoyoFactory Boost Afterburner 35€ (Has slight fingernail vibe nothing serious)

Iyoyo Iceberg 40€ PENDING

YoyoRecreation POM Draupnir 80€ (Has a tiny bit of Bearing Vibe, switch out the bearing and you are fine)

Thesis Hypothesis 60€ (With box)

Onedrop Mantis (with Box) 40€ Bluegras Fade PENDING

CLYW Kayak slight Damage on the rims still smooth. 45€ PENDING

Slim Dunk damage on Rim as pictured 25€ has nailvibe but is smooth on string. PENDING


Nice Mantis and Respawn!

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I bought and sold quite a lot of yoyos in here.
I am responsive with answers, ship well packed and fast.

Bump and 2 throws added.

Bump again. I am open to do reasonable bundle prices.