I have a Blue Speeder and A red Die-Nasty up for sale or trade. My collection is growing and these two have not been getting the love they deserve.
Also have a green pgm ft/ft now!

PM with any offers!

this might be an exercize in futility, but I have a green speeder and I’d rather have a blue one. Trade?

Maybe if I don’t get any other offers lol

interested in trading for your metal zero? lets the kids as school play with a speeder instead of looking for a new legacy?

i already let them play with the green speeder, so giving up the metal zero for another speeder wouldnt make sense. It’s a good trade but I just can’t do it. On second thought, let me know in a couple of days if you still have the speeder.

Someone has to have something they might want to trade for this?

PM guys

my red black night for it can u post pics??



two traders stop contacting me so its still up for grabs!

back to the top, die nasty added

Ill give you $27,also is paypal the only method of payment you take.

check your messages

ill trade you a yyj hitman for the speeder

how much for the pgm if you want to sell?

still have them all as of now

all trades and sales have fallen through, back to the top