FS/FT: YYR Messiah, ClashCube

Take $10 off the total for multiples. Prices include shipping. PayPal gift.

yoyorecreation Messiah: Blue, unengraved. From the B-grade boxes but plays smoother than A-grade Messiahs i’ve owned. Mint in box. $60

yoyorecreation ClashCube: Black. Mint in box. $90 $80

OG Avalanche
Broken Finger Yoyos Birch
X^3 Seed
Puffin 2
Gnarwhal 2
Yeti(khaki and black especially)

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You’re selling one of your Draupnirs? :open_mouth:

Just so u know u can get ur bst deleted for having weapons on there. I know cuz it happened to me once haha

Why is the Messiah B grade?

What makes the messiah b-grade? is it real?

Yeah it’s real. Straight from yoyorecreation. They sold these A- boxes they called them and it’s hard to say why this Messiah is. My guess is that they just didn’t want to get it engraved as they were transitioning their product line. Plays great.