FS/FT YYJs and 4th Gen 8g ipod touch.

LF - YYF G5!!!

All offers welcome
+4 for shipping

DM1 black - starburst sanded off. has stock black silicone still in good shape. very few pin pricks here and there. all in all great throw. 25

DM1 green - half w/flowable silicone. starburst still intact. one of my fave throws. very smooth. a couple of dings here and there.25

Mini-MoTu - great undersized throw. added flowable silicone. slight vibe doesn’t change play.25

iPod Touch 4th gen 8g TRADED - few light scratches. has front and back facing cameras takes hd video currently my only camera (all of my pics were taken with this). make an offer! im really trying to get rid of this

more pics at http://s1203.photobucket.com/albums/bb395/scotteik36/

28 for mini motu shipped?

those are DM1 I believe. DM2 doesnt have starburst.

ill give a dv888 for the ipod. pink W/ Silver splash, plays like brand new, a little bit scratched.

White pgm some things wrong with the axle but can be fixed easily. For ther hitman and mini motu. Dings all around the side but fixed the vibe it came with.

I meant all around the rims

pm me offers please. easier to deal with. thanks!

dude im sorry i just noticed this now but its a 2011 dv888 gray thats dinged all around the rims

update bumpage. really trying to get rid of this here ipod. i want a G5 really bad!!!