FS/FT: YYJ Luxe LTD - YYF ProtoStar (all NEW and MINT) + FREE Bearing

I’m selling 2 beautiful yo-yos:

  • YoYo Jam Luxe Limited, marble, MINT, with box, no scratches or signs with original YYJ Speed Bearing. This yoyo is a very limited edition, it spins a lot and the string feels like in butter when playing…
    60$ + shipping and free strings + FREE 10ball konkave Bearing


  • YoYo Factory Protostar, NEW, box NEVER Opened!!! Victor Gravitsky Edition, glitter clear with Gold rim weight, Center Trak Bearing and Stock String.
    32$ + shipping and free strings


I’m interested in Cash for first. Trade only with newest CLYWs or an Anglam or a Shutter (Champions or Splash Edition).


i forgot to say that the b-Rush is made in ERGAL (7075 Alluminium)…!

Would you take a trade foe the luxe