FS/FT:YYF Plastics, Adegle, & Duncan Protostar, Northstar, Starlite

These throws have ZERO vibe.

$25 ea YYF ProtoStar - Neon Orange & Neon Pink
$25 ea YYF NorthStar - Orange SOLD
$25 ea YYF Northstar -Green
$18 ea YYF Starlite - Glow Comes with a LuminousX glow stringz
$10 ea Adegle PSG -1/2 Yellow/1/2lf Blue, 1/2 Pink/Half Yellow, 1/2 Blue/1/2 Pink
$10 Adegle Asteroid - Neon Green
$45 Duncan Raptor - Half Green/Half Purple with Pink Caps. 1 small mark (very minor)

All the above are near mint. No marks, no cracks. All comes with clean lubed bearing, fresh strings and pads if needed. Shipping is $6 U.S.A. Pictures available upon request.

Pics please. People need to see what they are paying for. They need to be pics from your camera. Not pics from google.

15 for the Starlite? ;D