FS/FT: YYF Lunatic // LF:New YYJs, Meteor


I got a near mint to mint green Lunatic with box. Very smooth with broken in SPEC bearing.

SFX - Do not want a red or white one. Must be mint w/ both bearings.
Revolution - Do not want a red one. Must be mint w/ both bearings.
Equinox - Color doesn’t matter. Want a thin bearing with it only.
Hitman Pro - Color doesn’t matter really
Meteor - I really want to get a light blue one, but if you have anything but Blue or Black hit me up. Must have caps, and the caps must not rattle or be loose.

If you want it u can have my pgm2. it has an amazing black and red silijob in it. satined rims. and a cleaned bearing. comes with no stacks but can include them if u want. No vibe. probably one if my best throws. P m me for pics if u want. 8)

you’re selling the one you won from spinvious’ contest ):

@Exazrael: Yeah :confused: It feels a little bit too heavy for my tastes. I might keep it if I get no offers, but yeah.

@ulmtyoyo888: I don’t think I ever said “offer” or PGMv2. This is a pretty much new metal for half off, but I’m not gonna trade it for a plastic like that…

can i see pics for that lunatic and would u be interested in an 888x

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