FS/FT: YoyoFriends Peregrine

Looking to either sell it to fund a new yoyo purchase or interested in a trade. This thing is pretty minty. Maybe played it a total of 6 or 7 times for collectively a couple hours, and it’s never hit the ground.

When I first got it, I loved it because of how smooth and stable it is, but as I play more and more, the shape isn’t for me. It’s really the only high end competition yoyo I’ve ever owned, so I suppose I’d be interested in trying out another one. Maybe this one was just a miss for me. I also love me some modern responsive slims and wood fixies. But hit me with any fun yoyo really. I love ‘em all.

Or I’ll sell it for $80.


Sunday afternoon bump

Anyone want to trade for an El Mijo, maybe, possibly?

Bumpity bump

Bump bump, bump it up!