FS/FT: Yoyoempire TiMe, grade 5 beauty

Mint TiMe , Played for very short time
Price - 150$ shipped to anywhere in the world

Trade interested -
TP ASter

I will happily trade in your favour if you have one

Please feel free to offer me a trade even if you dont have the specific model



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Knock Knock!

Who’s there?

Ice cream!

Ice Cream who?

ICE CREAM so you can hear me

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Bump & slashed some moola

Friendly neighborhood bump

Bump 🫨

Come on people give me some trade offers
My interests -

Mk1 - dynames and brass exia
Dressel designs
Edition - reflection please :white_heart:
Some yyf - iq miracle and stuff
Myy z03 only
Some clyw - Akita & Klondike

Will trade in your favour/offer addition cash for an Aster or other TP