FS/FT Tom Kuhn, Pro-yo, OD and some other stuff :-)


Modifying post with the yoyos I have not sold plus some other one’s I’d be interested in trading. I’m really looking for a good condition CLYW but will entertain any offers.
Thanks for looking!
First row:
Proyo Ace
Higby Freehand Zero
YYF 888
Crucial milk 2%
Death by YoYo Gung-Fu

Second Row
OD Project (Yellow/blue)
OD Project Black
Hspin Pyro
Werrd TFL
Tom Kuhn Roller Woody

Third Row
yyj Lyn Fury
ProYo Cold Fusion
proyo Stunt Pilot
Tom Kuhn 3-in-1
Tom Kuhn SB2
Tom Kuhn SB1 (wood axle)




Tom kuhn sb2 of yours – what year, color and condition is it in? Thx.

(system) #13