FS/FT - TMBR Freemont for Sale/Trade..Offer!

FS/FT - TMBR Freemont for Sale/Trade…Offer!e to make an offer!

TMBR (for my TMBR>>)

  • Baldwin
  • LoveJoy
  • Irving Pro
    The SPYYxTMBR Eh!

- TMBR Freemont - Just looking for some other wood to try… make an offer!

Also, trying to sell these… feel free to make an offer on them. May even be up for a trade… just offer!!

SOLD!!!- G2 Albatross - Awesome yoyo! Looks good and plays great!! SOLD!!!
Has one mark that is pictured (2nd pic)… appears to be a spot where the anodizing did not take.
Otherwise, MINT!

in the next pic the mark is on the right side:

SOLD!!! - B!st Centauro - Another great player, just does not get enough love! SOLD!!![