FS/FT: Terrarian, Bliss (Gone, please close!)

Edit: Traded! This thread can be closed, thanks!

Hey all! Got a couple throws here I’m looking to unload before I start a new job next week. Both are in very good condition, over the last five months or so I’ve had them I’ve almost certainly hit them against the (carpeted!) ground, but neither developed vibe or anything. Vibe wise I would say they’re both pretty smooth, maybe a slight side effect/bimetal vibe going on with a bad throw, but nothing to worry about in my opinion.

One Drop Terrarian - Dragon Slayer(Maybe? Throwing a guess out there) - GONE
Terrarian equipped with some gold ultralight side effects. Extremely stable throw! Really dope colorway too. I always thought it was dragon slayer, but I could be wrong!

SF Bliss - Half light gray, half dark gray half swap - GONE
My only bimetal so far! I’ve enjoyed it, but it hasn’t quite grabbed me like I was hoping it would. I really like the two tone half swap on this guy(which is very difficult to photograph, sorry!) The steel rings may have very slight wear on them, but it could also just be my fingerprints!

They’re $40 each, or you can bundle both for $65 if you’d like. PayPal G&S, shipping and PayPal fees are baked into the price. Continental US only please!

I’m open to trades, and honestly I would trade both of them for some sort of inner ring bimetal. Something like the Grandmaster, Kodiak, Raytracer, Duncan Tourney, Gully, Igloo, Batsquatch, BiND, etc. The less v-shaped, the better. There’s probably a lot more I’d be into, so throw an offer my way! Thanks!

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