FS/FT: Techno2!!!

Ok, I need to finish paying for bunk beds for my kids so I need to get rid of a few throws.

Yuuksta - Has a small vibe but still plays nice, few love marks, $40 shipped
Techno2 - $7 shipped, the MOST bang for your buck with this throw.
Hitman - $25 shipped, few skuffs and plays dead smooth. (I really love this throw but I don’t play it much anymore)
ProtoStar - $25 shipped
KickSide - $10 shipped, caps painted by yours truly

Ok thats a deal on the Hitman,ProtoStar and kickside. Thanks tim

Tim? Who’s Tim? HAHAHA!!!

Hitman, ProtoStar, and Kickside PENDING

Just sent payment. tim
Hitman -
ProtoStar -
KickSide -
Package deal


2 throws left