FS/FT: StarGazer V1, YYF, Hayabusa SL, NXGs

I would rather sell most of this, need money for college, but I might trade for the right offers
let me know if my prices seem high, kinda ball-parking cause I’m not sure what some of these are going for now
I prefer US or Canada only and I will ship first if you have good feedback

-Stargazer V1: smooth, some marks on the blue ano $105 shipped
        This one is for sale only

-Pair of Sunset NXGs: dark blue, some marks, has silicone but I still have the rubber o-rings that I will include $15 a piece shipped

-Pair of YYF Loop 720: blue, some marks, have the needle to replace the response system $15 a piece shipped

-Cosmo clear, little vibe 45 shippedGone

  • 888 b-grade: plays like a b-grade, small chip of ano missing $45 shipped

-Die-nasty Red $20 shipped Gone

Random Accessories only will ship with a yoyo:

-YYJ Thick Lube $2
-Various Counter-Weight $1 a piece
-Various Hubstacks: the part that goes on top of the bearing


Money: Paypal or Money Order
Hspin Phoenix
Hspin Cut Noel Edition
YYJ Phenom