FS/FT:Signed Trading cards;AYCE;Protostar;Velocity;Magic n11;And more

As in the title I have some stuff for sale.My main want it cash!Enjoy!!!

-Legend Jason Lee
-André Boulay(Signed)
-Paul Dang(Signed)
-YYE trick spirit bomb(2)
-Shu takada
-YYE trick Sea Sick
-Mark Allen(2)
-Zach Gormley
-Petr Kavka
-Ernest Kahn
-Peter Pong
-Corli du Toit
-Tyler severance(2011)
-James Reed
-Ann Connolly(3)
-Ben Conde
-Kohta Watanbe
-André Boulay
-Sebastian Brock
-Kyle Derry
-Ed Haponik
-Rafael Matsunaga
-Daniel Dietz(Signed)(2011)

CRUCIAL AYCE-Sanded down rims.Still smooth comes with a Trifecta bearing.
YYF Velocity- Custom painted;not a very good throw;no bearing.
YYF Shakler- Got this with the mystery box;plastic vibe;comes with yyj speed.
YYF Protostar-Sanded off logo;plastic vibe;comes with center track.
Magic n11-Smooth;tiny scratch can’t feel;Comes with center track.

-Custom made hub stacks;Very heavy
-Response remover
-Multi tool

I’m looking for Cash,Clyw,yyf,yyj;onedrop!!!

Bumpers ;D