FS/FT Severe, G Funk, Nova, Beast, and more LF Skywalker,Bape,super G,H5 and mor

hey guys im trying to get rid of some stuff. I RLY WANT A BAPE or CLYW! i will make it worth ur time!
2010 Wavlength Severe - red wavlength, has like 6 lil scuffs or scratches. ct. tiny vibe,good player!$85
G Funk - Green acid wash, MINT tiny vibe great undersized! will only trade 4 something rly good or a insane cash offer
Nova - Purple and black acid wash lik 5 tiny marks. tiny vibe good player $50
ONE - Mint needs new bearing. with good bearing best ONe ive ever used… Good trade ofer please!
Green Whip - has mayb 1 or 2 tiny scratches Not alot of vibe. has a ct. good. Good trade Offer
Red Protostar - NO WOBBLE! some vibe. beat up. but SUPER AMAZING! “GOOD” TRADE!
Big Ben - blue, beat, no caps. good for a offstring begineer deal sweetner ot trade for like a ONE or something
YYJ Fiesta - Purple. small scratches. AMAZING! will only trade for another Fiesta (not xx) or a C3 solar
Beast - Great has some small marks and some chips on the outter rim. pretty smooth. Raw. will polish. great player!!! $50
Animal - silver wit black splash. some ano flaws small vibe has CT cool. $45

I have things o throw in and some LE duncans and modded duncans. also counterwieights! so PLZZZZ offer up! do not hav pics on here. contact me on PM and ill give u my cell number so i can txt u some pics. if u dnt hav a phone i can gt some on flickr. thx, brad
Pics http://www.flickr.com/photos/61768438@N08/

G5+ traded for Phenomizm
Dark Magic Traded with $60 for a meteor and superwide
B+ Ministar Traded for wedgie
Meteor Traded for Campfire
Wedgie Traded For Orignal Red Line Grind Machine
Dv888 traded for M1
09 Severe traded with OG GM and 2 loop 720s for a heavy hitter and blue GM2
Superwide traded for DTI Beast
DTI Beast traded in a package deal i cant remeber
Campfire traded for DTI Beast
Heavy Hitter traded with a whip for a Equinox and green Northstar
Green Northstar Traded for Dv888
Phenomizm traded for Heavy Cream
Heavy Cream Traded for Christmas collab P2,Dv888 and $25
M1 traded 4 2010 G5
2010 G5 traded with a GM2 metal for a genesis zen 2 and protostar
DTI Beast traded for mighty flea and Dark Magic

Looking For
YYF Red Protostar Green Northstar Counter attack Yuuksta (Sb only) Chaotic Super G Catalyst 44 Genesis any severes DNA Skyline Superstar G Funk (im nuts but i rly want any old yyf history like Grind mutants,grind monsters,Orignal grind machines,1st run GM2’s,)
YYJ Fiesta Destiny Phenom Phenomizm Eneme RHODE RUNNER!!! X Con Go Big!!! Equinoxs!!! Aquarious! FREE AGENT!!!
Duncan Exit 8 Freebird ECHO! FREEHAND MG!!! raptor Metropolis
CYYC Heavy Hitter XL Route 66 Roadster
SPYY Pro Punchline Star Grade Supra!!!
General yo hatrick essence torrent 2 BA Ministar
One Drop MMN P2 P1 Code 1 54 Dietz Cafe Racer
ILYY E1NS Noctu 2011
String Theroy Remnant 1 or 2 Bandit
C3 Darkstar Halo !!!H5!!!
Crucial milkshake Milk %2 Tes Leches H&H Heavy Cream Delicious!!!
Vs.Newton Ti walker !!!skywalker!!! Moonwalker Battosai
Rec Rev #9 Sharp
Anti Yo Bape Eetsit BSP! ANY OLD ANTI YO!!!
YYR Dreadnaught G Stargazer V1
Buzzon Element X (Rly want christmas ed.!!! but will take og)
DBYY Gung Fu V1 or V2
Yoyoskeel Stalker
Monkey Finger Evil Yo
Turning Point Prosition
werrd- split decision,Poo
Thx guys,

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I have two avalanches, One charles haycock edition red with blue and grey speckle, or a reverse hulk edition. let me know if your interested

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