FS/FT: Sebby Peak, Puffin 3 (2017), Yeti 2.0

Got a few for sale! PayPal (G&S or F&F are both fine) and contiguous US only please :pray: Reach out if you need more details or photos! I’m open to offers. My feedback is here.

For trades, I’m only interested in these:

  • CLYW x OD Summit in a blue color (light blue if solid or a splash variant)
  • CLYW Puffin 1 in Hulk smash variant or Spanish Sunset
  • CLYW Wooly Marmot 2 in Hulk smash variant (Incredible Kimmitt)
  • CLYW Chief (Hulk Smash)
  • RSO x Atmos Gravity
  • RSO Mechabape Side effects edition

The stuff:

CLYW Peak - Sebby - $395

One ding and one flat spot pictured which are the worst damage. A couple more minor scuffs and spots, but overall in pretty good condition. Plays great. No box.

CLYW Peak 2 - Lime Sherbert? - $50 SOLD

Mint and smooth with 10th anniversary box!

CLYW Puffin 3 (2017) - Palli edition - $90

Smooth and no damage spotted aside from one unfeelable scuff (pictured). No box.

CLYW Yeti 2.0 - Gray? - $10 with something else?

Plastic vibe as expected, but no damage. With box. I’d prefer to throw this in with something else since it’s low value.

Freshly Dirty VHS - Copper Acid Wash (LoFi) - $50 SOLD

Mint and smooth with the box!

Jake Bullock Slappa - Pink - $40 SOLD

Mint and smooth with the box!

RSO The End Ti - Eetsit - $325 SOLD

Smooth with the box and goodies. No damage on this one, but it does have an unfeelable spot with no color on the brown half and is quite the finger print magnet.


Reserving this first reply spot :beers:



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Gnome and Kodiak sold - dropped prices a tiny bit

Yeah thanks, but I’m in Canada. Seller wants US buyers only

Yeah, sorry, saw the header after I tagged, didn’t mean to get you excited, haha.

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Some more price dropping :dollar:


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P2 incoming

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Another peak price drop :dollar:

Bump for Legend Sebby!


Bump with more goodies!

The slappa slaps. I’ve already got a red one or else I’d cop

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Bump with a couple price drops