FS/FT: SalTi, Kenshin, Blizzard, Borealis, Orca, Majesty, and more!

  • PM me if you have any questions or offers :slight_smile:

Looking For:

  • Offers
  • Cash
  • 86400
  • Sputnik, e=mc^2
  • Top Deck
  • Aftershock
  • Engraved Spitfire / YG Blue / Midnight / Midnight Azure Pulsefire
  • Aqua / Green Weekend
  • Bobcat

[b]For Sale / For Trade[/b]
Top Row - Trident, Kenshin, Jr. (SOLD), Blizzard, FG Bonfire (SOLD)
Middle Row - SalTi, Mixtape, B-Grade Bi-metal Genesis, Joyride, FG Orca, Borealis
Bottom Row - Vertex, Majesty, Tusk, Format:C, Cascade
Very Bottom - Format:C

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