Fs/ft: Rooster prototype! Price Drops! Silenus, Rebellion, G2, OD

USPS shipping to the CONUS and PP G&S fee included! PM for more pics :slight_smile:

Trades: Akita, OG Banshee, SF Innovation (must be minty/NMTBS)

Freshly Dirty

Rooster Proto - $90
Mint and smooth. I reached out to Freshly Dirty for details on what changed between the prototype and production run: “ The main change is the shape of the rim, since the rounded outer rim on the first prototype had some vibe issues. For the final version we went with an inner ring design to make it as smooth as possible. The diameter is also about 1mm larger on the final design, along with a different, softer beadblast on the rooster.”

GSquared G2

Reaper - $90
2019 Pelican - $OLD☺️

One Drops OD

Yelets (Saturday Market) - $80
Rebirth - $40
Marquis - $40
Prescription NQP (ano) - $40
Gradient - $80

Silenus - $30
Gazer - $35
Acro -$35
Butcher - $35

Feedback thread:


Also… anyone know how I can easily edit the order of my pics? :sweat:

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sad saving my money noises


Nah sorry

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Cool cat

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Haha thanks! I wish they were as chill as they were cool :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. It was close to their dinner time so they wouldn’t leave me alone.

Resist the urge! I’m actually trying to save more too so I feel ya!

Added One Drop Cascade & NQP Sugar Glider

So, what makes the Ti-Shutter B-grade deserve the B-grade exactly?

If its vibe, how much vibe we talking about here? On a scale of 1 to 10, let’s say 1 is a mosquito tap dancing on a Jell-O cube and 10 is San Francisco circa April 18, 1906.


Related followup question, how much for cat


Hows the condition on the notus?

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Haha my furbabies are my world so if you happen to have two worlds in your pocket, maybe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Minty fresh. I honestly didn’t take to it like I thought I would for some reason so I threw it for a bit and put it back into my case.

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Oh god the IGN vibe scale lmao. I hate that thing.

It’s a b-grade for vibe. Think just about all of the ones sold during the 2018 a-MAY-zing sale were like that. It’s raw and I don’t see any terrible machining marks or anything on it.

It definitely has some fingernail vibe, and a bit of vibe on the string but nothing that affects play. You can feel it a touch on the string but it honestly doesn’t bother me.

So IGN score of, I dunno, 8/10? Great story and sound design but poor checkpointing and minor bugs occasionally mar an otherwise great experience. Not an average.


Ti-Dream, Cascade, Big Boi, & Boba are $old!


Added several more ODs including a Saturday Market Yelets! Cleaned up the post too.

Edit: Despite my best efforts, I cannot seem to get the f***ing pics to stay in order. Keeping the pics for attention but please use the Imgur album for pics as it’s nicely organized and labeled. Sorry for the messy post :sob:

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MMC, Boreas II POM, and Ti Shutter are gone!


Dm sent

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Hummingbird gone! Bumpity.