FS/FT: Raptor and MTG Cards WANT: Offers

Duncan Raptor- both have anno wear from 3A players.  dead smooth.  Be aware, these are not dings, they are anno wear, you can feel the marks at all. will let both go for the right deal. Otherwise first person gets to decide what halves to mix and match.


I also have a bunch of MTG cards. Fairly new. I have a full Caw-Go deck that I can part out.  Also have some rare lands like Inkmoth Nexus and celestial colonade.  Have swords. Jaces.  Just ask me if you’re interested.  Also have a lot of bulk cards that I’d sell for twenty.  a lot of things from before Lorwyn.  if you’re interested, just PM me.

Most of you know my situation, but for those who don’t, I will explain.
I am unable to get pictures on my computer, so if you are interested, and would like pics, I need a mobile number to which I can send pics.

I just want any offers, whether it be for money, or another yoyo(s).

Both will go to the same home if a good deal comes around, otherwise I would rather hold on to one.

I have a Protostar :wink:

Hm I have a Hitman Hybrid, and 20 Mendocino Momas in stock. Would this be a sufficient trade for BK2?

I’m not much for Hybrid response in Hitmen, offer anything else you may wish though. Also, let’s move this to PMs, shall we?

ill give u a x convict bad condition and a ceramic concave ball bearing and 5 50/50 orange yoyo strings and 5 100% polyester white strings and rice stacks and some hubstack bearings

^ :o This I can not top.