FS/FT : plastic grind machine , classic , g-funk

I have here a:
GONE :Yyf grind machine with box: it has one scuff an its not noticeable it does not change the play at all $25
Yyf g-funk champions edition with box: this yoyo has 4 minor scuffs on the anno does not change play it is only on the rims great player for on the go and horizontal $45
Yyj classic white caps with purple body with box : this yoyo is fully modified with a full sized c bearing and flowable silicone response its a awesome player for 5a and 1a its in perfect condition $12

What i will trade for ( * signifies most want ):
Clyw yeti****
Onedrop rally
8 yoyo , yoyo case
A sine//saw with a few dings
Of course any fg clyw
Or offer

If you trade with me i will try to throw somethig extra in to make it worth while


Grindmachine pic 1 GONE

Grind machine pic 2 GONE

grind machine pic 3 GONE

Classic pic 1

Classic pic 2

G-funk pic 1

G-funk pic 2

Thanks in advance i look forward to doing business with you and additional info please pm me and i would be happy to answer

everything currently not for sale, mods can delete

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Bump modded classic pending

Bump classic back up for sale

Bump someone please buy all price negotiable


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