FS/FT: Overdrive (splashed!) Want: AC2, Gnarwahl 2, Valor


-T1 (Artistry series)
-Code 1 (splash)
-54 (splash)
-Glacier Express
-Gnarwahl 2
-Arctic Circle 2
-Ti Walker

Prices include shipping, PayPal as gift or cover fees. All prices are OBO, although i’m not in a rush to get rid of anything so don’t be offended if i don’t go for it. Same goes for trades, i’m picky about colors and some of my wants i want more than others.

Yoyorecreation New Overdrive. Purple/clear wash, black splash. Mint in box. Don’t see these too often, in fact not sure i’ve ever seen one other than mine. Sold out instantly on YYR’s store last year. Put it up before but then took it down, but revamping my collection and this doesn’t get as much play as others. $180 (less than i paid btw)
Video of it spinning, might just change your life: instagram.com/p/a_JqSiC6Bw


message send.

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